Gloves up, skills out!​

Join us on for an exciting event where closing mastery meets fierce competition!

FEBRUARY 9, 2024


Meet the ringmasters of refinement at Closers Octagon!

Our seasoned judges are more than arbitrators;

they're the guardians of closing excellence. With

a keen eye for finesse and a nose for strategic acumen,

our panel of judges brings unparalleled expertise to evaluate,

critique, and crown the closing champions.

Jamil Damji -

Keyglee - AstroFlipping - Triple Digit Flip

Daniel Quijano -

The Closers Collective - The Closer Call

Veena Jetti -

MultiFi - Vive Funds

RJ Bates -

Titanium Investments

Brent Daniels -

Wholesaling Inc.


Dive into the heart of competition, the competitors!

Each contender is a maestro in the art of closing, armed with

negotiation skills, strategic brilliance, and an unyielding spirit.

In this arena, they go head-to-head, showcasing their abilities, wit, and determination to claim the title of ultimate closer.

These competitors are the architects of deals,

the champions of strategy - brace yourself for a showdown like no other!

Pace Morby -

SubtTo - Mentor - Investor - Triple Digit Flip - Author of Wealth Without Cash

Jerry Norton -

Mentor and Investor - Flipping Mastery, LLC

Bill Fischer -

Real Estate Investor - Events Director

Ashley Cole -

Entrepreneur | SubTo | Investor | Tenacious Problem Solver | Voracious Learner

Mike Gomes -

Entrepreneur - Real Estate Investor - Sales Coach - Husband - Mastermind Student

Lizane Mayer -

Real Estate Professional - Dolphin Trainer - DJ - Advocate for Kindness - Collector of Wisdom

Tyler Townsley -

Knocking out deals with the power of a Bash Bro – in the business arena, I don't just close, I deliver knockout contracts, leaving the competition on the ropes.

Jeff Smith -

Winner of SubTo Christmas Closer Competition | Daily Dial Closer & Instructor | Negotiator for Property and Land

Jennifer Shelton -

"Queen Closer" | Won 2022 SubTo Closer Competition | Real Estate Investor | Mom of 2 | Pilates Instructor

Caroline Vo -

The 4' 11" powerhouse at 102 lbs, nicknamed "Engine" for her relentless energy, coming after the '24 Champion title.

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February 9, 2024

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